Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Misunderstanding of Freedom

It’s dull now, this deliberate misinterpretation/misrepresentation of the principles and foundations upon which our country was built and is supposed to rest. Its doubtful that the ones who so vehemently argue the sacredness of the written law even know the depths upon which they nitpick or even that they are arguing against their points and selves or the selves they choose to project for the aggressive and fickle validation of their peers. If they truly knew the point and purpose of the Constitution and its Amendments, they wouldn’t be speaking at all or would actually be speaking in favor of the people they so desperately want to claim and control. If they truly knew then they would in fact be of the people and then this country would be on the road to peace and that thing we call Freedom. Unfortunately, they haven’t made it there just yet. Instead, they speak fear and praise the narrow morals of a past gone 300 years since; that never actually had form or foundation on this planet in all our history. They speak of Freedom loosely, never actually pursuing the idea or entity itself, just soliciting the word in the “right” pitch to garner a reaction. If they knew what Freedom was, there’d be blissful silence abounding through their microphones, echoing in staged High School gymnasiums, reverberating through open air stadiums, resting in their hearts. If they knew what Freedom was they would speak harmony and seek it with all their fellow Americans, fellow humans, eager for the solidarity; and in actually hearing them would encounter the leadership they so shamelessly hunt. If they knew what Freedom was they would speak love and in knowing the beauty and safety of that virtue, first within themselves, would cast the heavy hate off their diminished souls and would for the first time in a long time truly know what we name God. If they knew Freedom, they would cease their bitter campaigns of suppression in the false and hypocritical name of Freedom, no longer afraid of seeing their true selves. If they knew Freedom they would reel from the irony of their words and the documents they “uphold”, they would read each word with fresh eyes, a willing mind and too many ideas and questions to count. They would understand the optimism, sincerity, courage and struggle of building a nation as close to ideal as humanly possible for their time and would be grateful to the framer’s of these documents for their foresight and willingness to try at all odds to seek and know Freedom; the Freedom that sparks, lights, revs and drives our bodies, minds and lives. The Freedom we all know but suppress and darken for fear of judgment and being struck powerless from the lack of validation and acceptance from others, our social currency. If we all accepted Freedom, we would all be nation builders, leaders and drafters of the true world order, what we know is truth at the core beneath everything. We would have peace, and all that we know and see now would be unrecognizable, blasphemous, against our collective morality and we all would be free.

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